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daylogoSt. Andrew’s Day School was established in September of 1964. The school is a non-profit organization housed in St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Beaumont, Texas. The Day School is self-sustaining but under the umbrella of the church. All tuition and other fees are used to provide staff salaries, equipment and supplies.

St. Andrew’s Day School is fully licensed by the State of Texas. Our teacher to child ratio is kept low, well below the minimum standards for child care.

We have classes five days a week, nine months a year. The Beaumont Independent School District schedule is followed both for holidays and school days cancelled due to weather conditions.
Independence and the ability to learning through discovery are both major goals for each child. Play is a primary vehicle for learning. Children learn by doing, therefore, many active learning opportunities are provided via thematic units.  We utilize resources from the Mailbox Curriculum, Frog Street Press, Quirkles, Steve Spangler Science, Creations Bible Stories, Bible Stories About Jesus and Teaching Memory Verses.  Our classes focus on science, cooking, motor skills, math, art, reading readiness and writing skills. In addition to regular classroom activities, we have music, computer, introduction to fine art, Spanish and chapel.

The purpose of St. Andrew's Day School is to help your child learn in a happy, Christian atmosphere, and to grow in these ways:
  • Emotionally - to learn to manage tension and hostility in an acceptable manner and feel accepted by his teachers and peers.
  • Socially - to learn to be thoughtful and to adjust to the group.
  • Cognitively - by stimulating curiosity and imagination, encouraging thinking and problem solving, and developing language skills at the child's own rate of speed.
  • Physically - acquiring gross motor coordination through the use of proper play equipment, honing fine motor skills through developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Spiritually- the religious training we provide is informal and non-sectarian.  Through the teachers attitudes and the atmosphere established in the classroom, the child appreciates God's world and learns to identify himself as part of God's people. 

Saturday March 17th @ 12:00 AM
Bethany Presbyterian Church - Harvey Relief
Wednesday March 21th @ 1:30 PM
Presbyterian Women Afternoon & Morning Circle
Wednesday March 21th @ 4:00 PM
Lifeshare Blood Drive
Wednesday March 21th @ 6:00 PM
SAPC Handbell Rehearsal
Wednesday March 21th @ 6:00 PM
Board of Trustees Meeting

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