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The New Music Ministry

A New Vision for a New Generation: The New Music Ministry

New Ministry 1
The Senior Pastor, along with the session, and in cooperation with the Worship Team have approved a new and exciting full-time Director of Music Ministry position. The staff level position will be the person whose gifts in music and leadership have prepared him or her to lead a busy, complex music schedule.  He or she will help develop the musical talents from our youngest to our oldest musicians. The concept includes a focus on SAPC as a learning environment, with an energetic and holistic commitment to the ministry of church music. 
Director of Music Ministry will lead the broader scope of worship music across the generations in different kinds of worship experiences we will be starting soon while connecting with the larger Beaumont Christian community in teaching, leading, and performing quality Christian music. He or she will seek out music scholarship applicants. Importantly, he or she will train young musicians and encourage faith development through travel and performance. New Ministry 2
FAQS  (Frequently Asked Questions)

· Has the session already extended an invitation to someone for the position? 
No, the search is just now beginning.
· When can we expect the new Director of Music Ministry to start?
The Worship Team is planning to fill the position by the end of this summer.
· Why do we need another paid staff member in the music program?
Several reasons are important. Growing intergenerational churches desire to include everyone in singing praises to God. We want to develop people who come to our congregation with musical talents. To accomplish this, we need someone who can work every day with children’s choirs, youth groups, and people who play instruments and programming plans. 
· Will the cost for the new church musician be too expensive for us?
After working with the Finance Committee, the Personnel Committee, and the Worship Team, we were able to make a commitment to this position without affecting our budget or reserves.
· What will happen to the organist position?
It is folded into the job description for the new Director of Music Ministry.
· What will happen with our current Director of Music?
Our current Director of Music is part-time but has been asked to continue as the Chancel Choir director on a part-time basis.
· Where is the search team looking for someone like this? 
We are looking for a music leader primarily from among students just completing their education from any one of many university settings. Interviews will be taking place before the end of this month!
· Where can I find out more about this?   
Worship Team leaders, Bart Gaskin or Peggy Graham.

Tuesday April 24th @ 9:30 AM
Staff Meeting
Wednesday April 25th @ 9:30 AM
Knit Wits
Wednesday April 25th @ 6:00 PM
SAPC Handbell Rehearsal
Wednesday April 25th @ 7:00 PM
Choir Rehearsal
Thursday April 26th @ 8:30 AM
Meals on Wheels Prep

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