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St. Andrew's Christmas Giving - A Water Well!

Garden Well

Update on Wells:
We have sent the funds for 2 wells! Thank you St Andrews members. Through your compassion and generosity you are enriching the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.A well and hand pumps provide clean water for drinking, bathing, washing, and irrigation to an entire community. Change the lives of countless people by giving them a reliable and convenient source of water.
This Christmas St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church are donating the cost for two water wells!  We have already collection enough for one well and we're now working towards the cost of the second well.  With your gernerous gifts we have almost half way there!  If you would like to give a small gift towards a big impact you can drop off your donation at the church office or  Donate here.


Presbyterian Giving Catalog

Small Gifts. Big Impact.Grace and Gratitude: As Presbyterians, we are a people rooted in the grace of Jesus Christ. It is our gratitude for God’s grace that moves us to join in God’s mission in the world, with ministries of love and justice, reconciliation and peace.

Generous gifts to the Presbyterian Giving Catalog are signs of our gratitude: feeding the hungry, comforting the broken-hearted, and sharing our faith with young and old. By joining our gifts together, however large or small, we expand our witness to God’s gracious and abundant work in the world.

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