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What To Expect


8:30 a.m. Worship Service Informal Worship? Songs are led by Dennis Rowe, our director of music, with vocalists, electric keyboard, drums, guitars, and other instruments. The order follows a specific pattern.   
Children are always welcome!
The sermon will often include light-hearted interaction between pastor and people.  The sacrament of The Lord’s Supper is served once a month by intinction.
Many families enjoy this early service as it allows them to worship together and still meet the demands of hectic schedules.  Others attend because they appreciate the music, while some choose this service because they are early-risers or enjoy the informality.
Is our casual worship service the place for you? We look forward to meeting you!  If this is your first time here, we are excited to have you with our community!
If you know someone who might like this kind of service please pass their name on to the pastor and he will enjoy getting in touch with them.  Better yet—you can invite them!
10:30 a.m. worship is the more traditional worship service while attempting to stay in touch with 21st-century faith development.  Worshiping families encounter an intergenerational experience where both the very young gather with people of every age group. 
The service combines several different styles of music, some rich in tradition in a very comprehensible format. Other music reflects newer modes of musical praise.  Instruments on any given Sunday vary from the massive pipe organ to guitars, brass, percussion, and piano. 
The Bible connects us to one another through reading and preaching.  Our pastor’s sermons are Bible-based, focusing on God’s love and grace.  Worship arts are obvious from the sanctuary architecture to drama, from elegant banners that signal our faith, to the careful use of sound and light.  
The service of The Lord’s Supper is served the first Sunday each month. We explain all the services as we go along while encouraging the use of everyday language in prayer, reading, and preaching.  The service is followed by a “meet and greet” session where numerous people greet one another while enjoying coffee and other refreshments in a casual setting.
Get Directions

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Both worship services offer wonderful opportunities to worship and praise God, to hear and read Scripture, to sing and to hear a meaningful message from our pastor.
There are also many opportunities to serve God in each service in ways such as being an usher, a greeter, lay leader, an Acolyte, and, at the later service, to sing in the Chancel Choir, play handbells, or provide other special music.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Once Entering a Worship Service

An usher will hand you a bulletin and welcome you to St. Andrew's. If you are a visitor, please take a moment to fill out a Visitors Card that you will find in the pews. Be sure to add your email address to receive our weekly newsletters to read events and updates on what St. Andrew's has to offer.
Also, there are Prayer request Cards located in the back of the pews.  You can drop it in the Offering Plate or in one of the two Prayer Card boxes located on either side of the Chancel Steps in the Sanctuary. 

Stop by the Information Desks

Located at all entrances of the Sanctuary, make sure to pick up your Welcome Brochure with all sorts of information about St. Andrew's!!


Want to be an active member here? The only prerequisite to join this church is that you have professed faith in Christ.  You can transfer your membership from another Christian church. You can also be baptized if you haven’t been. If you haven’t been to the church of membership in a long time you can join us by sharing your faith journey.  Active membership means that your faith is in Christ.  Moreover, because of your faith, you have been baptized, you have been received into membership of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, and that you have joined us in work and worship. That in a nutshell is an active member at St. Andy’s. Just ask the pastor or other congregational leader for more information.

Children & Youth

If you have young children, you can drop them off at our Nursery before the service or before the Sunday School hour.  
The nursery is located near the northeast corner of the sanctuary. 
From infants to age 5 are welcome!
Please make sure to check out our Children and Youth pages below to see what we have to offer!                        
Children’s Page         Youth Page

Sunday School

We meet at Sunday School from 9:15 – 10:15 am
Click here to see all of the different Adult Sunday School Classes we have to offer!

Connect: Small Group Ministries

 "Make a Difference-make Disciples"
Connect group are small groups that are formed by members. They fellowship together, Study, make disciples, and work on mission projects as each group forms its identity and goals.

Monday November 19th @ 10:00 AM
Monday Morning Bible Study
Tuesday November 20th @ 6:00 AM
Men's Bible Study & Breakfast
Tuesday November 20th @ 6:30 PM
Session Meeting
Wednesday November 21th @ 9:30 AM
Knit Wits
Wednesday November 21th @ 6:00 PM
SAPC Handbell Practice

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